The Best Custom Art Glass Fabricator in Illinois

The best custom art glass fabricator in Illinois is obviously Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd. Sheri Law has over 37 years over experience following her passion for creating remarkable works of art out of glass. Within our 10,000 square-foot showroom, you will not only have an opportunity to see options for your home, office or building, but you can also get a glimpse of the handcrafted pieces we have created for other customers. We work with all forms of art glass, including stained, etched, beveled and more. So you can see that our talents go much further than a typical stained glass window.

In fact, Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd is well known for being the best custom art glass fabricator in Illinois. Both residents, designers and architects trust us for a variety of installations. Our repertoire of glass pieces includes everything from memorial artwork to breathtaking backsplashes and so much more. Each creation is designed and crafted based on a collaboration with the client and our artisans. There are a variety of ways that our work can be used within your home, office or building. For instance, our etched glass options make a real statement within an entryway as part of a bar, for designer windows, or in place of a standard wall divider. These are just a few ways that we can create breathtaking wall art, which will give any room more distinction. When you meet with one of our Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd artisans, you will receive specialized attention that focuses on your vision with professional input from our experts. Regardless of whether you work with Sheri Law directly or one of our extraordinary artists, you will agree that we are the best custom art glass fabricator in Illinois.

Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd loves to help clients discover the many ways that glass can be used as a focal point within a room or an ambient light source. The best custom art glass fabricator in Illinois understands that our creations go far beyond the shower door within a bathroom. Customers are encouraged to check out the examples we have online. Our artisans are capable of working to bring real magic into your building.

In addition to seeing residential and commercial examples online, Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd encourages you to visit our showroom in person. Within our showroom your will discover traditional stained glass isn’t the only way to go. We have a variety of modern stained glass options, as well as some of the most remarkable art glass skylights and much more. To get a true sense of what the best custom art glass fabricator in Illinois can accomplish, we recommend that you see the possibilities for yourself. We look forward to speaking with you, so you can get a real sense of what it means to be the best custom art glass fabricator in Illinois. Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd is dedicated to this unbelievable art form, if you want something truly unique, then you should schedule your appointment today.