Church Stained Glass Chicago, IL

Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd is has the most exquisite church stained glass Chicago, IL residents will find. We are honored to be able to provide our custom stained glass Chicago, IL creations for these sacred buildings. We realize the importance that this type of stained glass represents to the parishioners, who commission the work. We have amazing artisans that can create the perfect stained glass to fit your church’s architecture or feel. This means you can choose to go modern or traditional. Our glass designs are created to maximize the effect that natural and ambient light will have on the finished piece. A Sheri Law artist will work with your church to determine the design or picture that you would like to capture.

Our website is an amazing resource for potential customers with an online showroom that will give you loads of inspiration. We can work with you regarding your church stained glass Chicago, IL needs, whether you are working with new construction or just updating an existing building. In fact, Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd can even assist you with reproductions of existing stained glass that is beyond repair. Our 10,000 square foot studio space is open to the public with artisans available to speak with you regarding your vision. You will have an opportunity to see the different projects we are currently working on and also view art glass for sale that is great for accent pieces.

One of the most recognizable forms of stained glass has always been the church stained glass Chicago, IL residents find in their halls of worship. Some of the most iconic stained glass can be found within the walls of ancient churches both in the United States and overseas. If you want to replicate the grandeur of these buildings, Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd has the talent and experience to make it happen. We are experts in crafting church stained glass Chicago, IL parishioners will be overwhelmed to see. Sheri Law brings 38 years of experience to the table as an artisan of all forms of glass work. Her profound understanding of the intricacies of working with glass can be found within all of her projects. Ms. Law enjoys working with churches, synagogues, mosques, and other temples to capture the true meaning of their faith. At Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd, you will be working with some of the finest glass artists in the world, who have the experience required to design and create amazing church stained glass Chicago, IL residents will admire for years to come.

We understand the significance and grandeur that these places of worship provide to those, who visit or are regular members. In addition to church stained glass Chicago, IL customers will also find a variety of other art glass available from our studios, including etched glass, fused glass, beveled glass, and more. Contact Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd today, so that we can begin the process of developing the church stained glass Chicago, IL design for your place of worship.