Cinebar Mirror for Home Theater

Reflections of Etched Waves and Jewels on Shower Door

Beveled Gothic Arch Leaded Glass Transom and Double Doors

Gold Leaf Patina Design on Interior Doors

Interior Stained Glass Bistro Door

Custom Sandblasted Trees on Interior Doors

Sandblasted and Edgelit Otter Pool Room Door

Skyline Sandblasted on Bronze Mirror

Custom Created Antique Mirror Fireplace Art

Carved Gold Leafed Bar Backsplash Mirror

Etched Erte on Black Mirror over Fireplace

Carved and Leafed Antique Mirror Double Doors

Pub Mirror Etched, Gold Leafed and Painted

Hanging Backlit Fused Glass Above Bar

Four Square Stained Glass Skylights

Traditional Style with Jewel Accents

Custom Skylight Reflecting a Timepiece

Antique Design Interior Skylight

Custom Handpainted Rooster

Fused and Backlit Glass on Custom Brass Frame

Jewel Designed Custom Fused & Backpainted Fireplace Art

Carved and Edgelit Erte Divider

Multi-Panel “Under the Sea” Backlit Fused Glass/Metal Focal Point

Fused Glass Backlit Tryptic Fireplace Art

Edgelit Sandblasted Mirror Backsplash

Leaded Stained Glass Irish Backlit Drop Ceiling

Custom Designed Stained Glass Wine & Grapes

Carved Grapes Backsplash

Carved Edgelit Masque De Femme

Home Theater & Bar

Chicago Theater Doors Displayed at
Kole Digital, Frankfort, IL

Custom Fused Panel over Custom Painted Mirror

Stained Glass Abstract Window

Backpainted Glacier Edge Divider

Stained Glass Magniola Bathroom Window

Traditional Clear Beveled Leaded Window

Reflections of Stained Glass Windows

Backpainted Cala Lily Design for Cabinet Door Inserts

Sandblasted and Backpainted Leaf Design

Backpainted Wheat on Glass and Stainless Backsplash

Custom Fused Glass Backsplash with Gingo Leaf Border

Custom Designed Fused Glass Backsplash and Backpainted Sweeps under Cabinets

Sheri Law Fused Backsplash

Prairie Style Leaded Stained Glass

Contemporary Leaded Stained Glass Entryway

Traditional Stained Glass with Bevels and Jewels

Arched Traditional Stained Glass using Clear Textures

Custom Beveled Leaded Entryway

Custom Stained Glass Trees

Beveled Triple Window and Transom

Prairie Style Stained Glass Windows and Transoms

Decorative Transoms using Bevel Clusters

Art Nuevo Style Stairway Windows

Tiffany Style Water Lily Stained Glass Window

Beveled Trio in Stairway

Traditional Beveled Transom and Windows