Artistic Picture Windows Oakbrook, IL

Silver Cross Hospital Chapel

There is something magical about art glass that Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd has the ability to capture. Perhaps it is the remarkable play that happens with light upon the colored, etched or painted glass. The result for artistic picture windows Oakbrook, IL residents commission for their homes is an ever-changing canvas that is defined only by the lights in a room, tilt of the sun or shadows across the moon. Any art glass enjoys this evolution throughout the day. It is one of the reasons why artists like, Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd are drawn to glass as their medium.

There are a number of art glass options, which are more varied than most would consider. For instance, most of us think of artistic picture windows Oakbrook, IL residents incorporate into their homes as standard stained glass accents. We are most familiar with this form because it is a method that is centuries old, and it has played such a huge part in the overwhelming beauty of some of the world’s most famous buildings, such as grand cathedrals. Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd has incorporated these types of artistic picture windows Oakbrook, IL customers request for their home or office. These examples are based on the combination of colored glass held together (in most of today’s modern cases) by copper foil. The end result is either a colorful pattern or a specific picture outlined by the metal binding.

Although stained glass is a timeless option, there are also a plethora of designs to consider, which Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd has used for an assortment of situations. As an example, some artistic picture windows Oakbrook, IL options are based on etchings. This is glass that has been carved using acids and other tools to create a specific design, such as trees or triangles within a single sheet of glass. However, just like stained glass, light shining through the finished product provides a completely different form of beauty, which is demonstrated through the sparkling glass itself and the shadows projected onto the walls, floors and more.

When considering artistic picture windows Oakbrook, IL residents might overlook some options that have nothing to do with your home’s exterior windows. Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd has helped customers with alternative uses for artistic picture windows Oakbrook, IL options. This includes artistic windows that can be installed as a focal point for a room. They can also be hung on a wall as an interesting art piece. Beyond using art glass for windows, there are a host of other ways to integrate this medium into your decor.

Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd provides art glass for kitchens, bathrooms, offices and more. Our creations might be part of your home’s construction or it may be part of your design scheme. We offer remarkable alternatives for back splashes, cabinets or room dividers. At Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd, we are happy to discuss your vision with you so you can get the artistic picture windows Oakbrook IL customers love or the art glass that you prefer.